The Heart Behind The Camera.

If you’re looking for a perfectly posed portrait, or a gallery full of perfect smiles - then I’m not the photographer for you. Hear me out! I want to do so much more than just capture you in front of my camera, smiling. I want to capture the messy, raw, emotional, in-between, and REAL moments. Does that mean that I won’t get that traditional “Smile at the camera” portrait? No. But I truly believe that the candid moments are the most special of them all.

During my sessions, I will give direction, but let things unfold organically to capture authentic moments. Things you can expect at my sessions: Group hugs, laughter, tickling (lots), piggy back rides, running around, and exploring.

If this sounds like we’re a good fit, then let’s make it happen. Click below to schedule your session. I can’t wait to meet you!

Gahhh Elisabeth!! You are so talented. These are more dreamy and magical than I even could wish. I will forever look back at these as a marker in time for my family and I am so happy you could be the one to capture this. Thank you thank you!!!
— Lindy B.

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