Charleston + Savannah | Travel

For as long as I can remember, Charleston & Savannah have been on my travel bucket list. Ever since I laid eyes on the Spanish moss covered tree-lined plantations, colorful buildings, and cobblestone streets, I had the itch to go. When my husband and I sat down and talked about taking a mini-vacation, it was a no brainer. Charleston stole our hearts - from visiting Boone Hall Plantation (The Notebook, anyone?!), to kayaking down creeks, walking through rainbow row and waterfront parks to enjoying some of the best food and southern hospitality (Thanks, Lauren & Tyler :)), we will definitely be making our way back. Although we spent the majority of our time in Charleston, we were able to spend a one day in Savannah and our last day biking around Hilton Head Island. Savannah was quaint and artsy, with beautiful parks and enormous spanish moss oak trees lining the streets. Hilton Head was picturesque and we both agreed that we can see family vacations there in the future. Here are a few (OK, a lot. How was I supposed to narrow it down?) photos from our trip. Thank you to everyone who gave us recommendations! Enjoy!