What to Wear for your Photo Session - 10 tips to help you look great

So you’ve finally decided to schedule that photo shoot you’ve been putting off – Woohoo! Now comes the tough part…what to wear? Let’s face it. Choosing what to wear for photos can be stressful, but finding the perfect outfit(s) is easier with a little bit of guidance. Lucky you! I’ve put together 10 tips to help make planning outfits a smooth (and dare I say….fun!) process.

1. Choose tones and stick with them

Pick a color palette of 3-4 colors and let this be your starting place. Try to think in terms of tones - Neutrals, pastels, earthy tones, etc. Dress everyone in similar tones so that the outfits don’t clash, but complement each other.


2. Coordinate, don’t match

Gone are the days of matching outfits (says the girl who purchased matching Christmas PJ’s for her family and posted a picture of it). But really, take my advice here. I suggest starting with a basic color palette, and going from there. Find colors that complement each other and look cohesive together, and it will make for a much more beautiful (and timeless) photo!

3. Use patterns sparingly

I love a good print or pattern, but when multiple outfits incorporate busy patterns, it can be overbearing and take the focus off of you. Try to keep patterns to a minimum. Consider sticking with only one pattern or print, and playing off the colors within it when planning the rest of the outfits. The clothing should coordinate, not take over the photo.


4. Textures photograph beautifully

Textures are a great way to incorporate some visual interest when only including one pattern. When thinking about texture, choose different ones that will give photos some interest such as lace, corduroy, cozy knit sweaters, and textured tights. These look so beautiful when photographed - trust me :)

5. Location, location, location

Always keep your session location in mind when choosing your outfit. Thinking of a beach session? Flowy dresses, button-down shirts, bare feet, and soft neutral colors can all give that beachy vibe you might be looking for. Is your location surrounded by trees and green grass? Take that into account and avoid colors that blend in with your surroundings (stray from greens and darker colors).  Put some thought into the location and try to find pieces that will complement and match the vibe of your surroundings.


6. Start with one outfit

It can be hard to try and tackle all of the outfits at once, so I like to suggest choosing one ‘statement’ outfit with a few colors in it and styling the rest of the outfits around that.

7. Comfort is KEY!

A lot of my work is based on capturing real moments, movement and playful behavior. If an outfit is going to hinder you from running around and chasing your kids, a piggy back ride, or laying down in the sand (Yep, I might ask you to do that ;) - then save it for another time. Pick clothes that will let you run around and be carefree. If you wouldn’t normally wear a long flowy dress, then don’t! Your comfort is the most important thing, and it will show through the photos.


8. Perfection is boring

I live for the imperfect moments. It’s honest, real, and what we’ll look back on several years down the road and smile at. Messy hair, belly laughs, kids running around like crazy (because is anything a more accurate depiction of children?) and chaos is my jam. So don’t stress if your toddler is off the wall, your hair isn’t perfect, or things seem to be going awry. I promise you we’ll capture some great moments, and it will be special to look back on these moments down the road.


9. Don’t forget about shoes!
This one can frequently be overlooked. I mean, who has time to think about shoes when you’re worrying about the rest of the outfit?! I’m not saying you need to buy new shoes, but maybe think twice about wearing ratty old shoes or putting your kiddo in bright neon sneakers. While they may not be visible in every photo, there will be full-body shots and they can really tie the whole outfit together.

10. Ask for help

I’m here to help! Did I mention that I LOVE to help clients’ pick out their outfits and offer advice? Or that I also offer a styling service with every session that makes thing even easier? It’s basically a personal stylist from the comfort of your own home. Is there anything better?

I hope you found these tips helpful! Do you find planning outfits to be stressful? Or do you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below. Also, Spring is right around the corner (I hope…) and a GREAT time to get outside for a session. I’m currently booking Spring/Summer sessions, shoot me a message to secure your spot!